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Why Choose Us?

What makes us different? 

Firstly we are not looking to make a career out of your dog.

We are just looking to do what we enjoy, being with dogs of all types, sizes & personalities.

Do we keep dogs?

Yes, a variety of makes & models.

Will Your dog have to mix with others?

Not necessarily....

Whilst we would love all dogs to be best friends we know each dog is an individual & must be treated as such.

We insist on getting an understanding from you of what your dog will love.

Simply put we will do what you think is best?

Do we retrain or help with issues?

We often find that the dogs we see change some of their more demanding characteristics due to positive  interaction.

However our primary aim is to make your dog remain stress free and happy.

But do please talk to us about any needs you may have. 

 Are we Insured? Absolutely yes we are. 

Do we collect? 

Yes we can although this will attract an extra cost for fuel & time.


Our 4WD Dog Mobile allows us to get to  the more remote home if needed.

 What experience do we have?

Being a former Police Dog Walker has made sure we have come across some dogs  with lively characteristics.

We also see some of our own dogs competing in agility an ideal way to buildi a relationship with any dog.

One member of our pack has shown at Crufts & won her class !

What Areas do we cover? 

We are local to Tintern & Catbrook, Devauden & Llanishien, Trelleck & Llandogo, Penalt & The Narth, Redbrook & Whitebrook

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